Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

About UK Vehicle Tracking

UK Vehicle Tracking has been one of the leading names in recovery of stolen vehicles for years. We take pride in our premium car security solutions using the latest technology. For businesses, we offer specialized fleet tracking to ensure the security of your vehicles- wherever they are. Our devices are insurance approved and use a unique, award winning technology to secure your cars.

Besides our superior quality tracking systems, we also boast countrywide support from the UK police in order to recover your vehicles with professional efficiency in case they are stolen. With UK Vehicle Tracking, you have the highest chance of recovering your stolen vehicle because of our vast support network and cutting edge vehicle tracking system.

Most Vulnerable Cars

Brand new vehicles are at high theft risk, which is why UK Vehicle Tracking offers state of the art vehicle tracking systems and security systems for chauffeurs. Throughout Europe, thousands of cars are stolen each day. Hence it is a very imminent threat if you own desirable vehicles of the latest model. It is to be mentioned that certain brands and models have that aesthetic appeal for thieves; hence you should invest in our world class vehicle trackers to protect your valuable vehicles.

Scramblers are a common nuisance used by thieves in order to block the signal of hidden car trackers. UK Vehicle Tracking provides trackers that can work around scramblers, making their signals easily receivable by security authorities. Not relying solely on a GPS signal, these devices provide that extra security that your vehicles need should they be stolen. New cars are particularly vulnerable to theft, hence our trackers are the answer to your prayers.

Added Security

UK Vehicle Tracking issues trackers that are hidden beyond the reach and visibility of thieves, making them difficult to be discovered or removed. Whenever a car is reported missing, the tracker is activated and immediately sends signals to the police. Therefore, the police can track your vehicle and successfully recover it. Even if your car crosses national boundaries, let us assure you that our trackers work throughout Europe. You can discover your car before it is too late and before it has gone too far.

Personalized Vehicle Tracking

For years, UK Vehicle Tracking has worked in close association with the police and recovered stolen vehicles. Whether you are looking to secure your brand new car, looking for security options for an old vehicle, reduce fuel bills as well as insurance premiums; UK Vehicle Tracking can help with its world class vehicle tracking systems.

Tracking your Business Vehicles

Whatever is the size of your car fleet, the type of vehicles or the size of your business- we have you covered. From sophisticated diplomatic fleets to heavy industrial machinery, UK Vehicle Tracking has devices for everyone.

If you are looking to recover your stolen business vehicle, monitor the cars, save time and money in managing your fleet, UK Vehicle Tracking can plant trackers that take care of security and insurance. UK Vehicle Tracking gives your fleet a competitive edge.

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