Tracking Devices

Tracking Devices

At Vehicle Tracking UK, we offer the best tracking devices that have built in motion sensors that track vehicles accurately both in historic and real time views. Our stealthy vehicle tracking devices are designed compactly to fit in the tiniest nooks and crannies. The devices are enclosed within a purpose built enclosure that has a charging port and a single external switch. This makes the tracking devices simple and efficient to use. Our tracking devices are extensively used by fraud investigators, private detectives, bailiffs, company audit departments, private individuals, and also by our in house investigation officials to track one or multiple vehicles in a hassle free and efficient manner.

Besides vehicle tracking, Vehicle Tracking UK also has efficient asset trackers that are perfect for monitoring expensive packages or goods. Our sleek asset trackers are of the latest model. Small and discreet enough to place in high value electrical items; these trackers are used extensively to track valuable packages by renowned logistics corporations. Not only that, our asset trackers are used by well-known television companies and news channels on investigation based television programs. These are also used for tracking waste and clothing given up for donation. Asset tracking devices are used in suitcases, bags and briefcases to track a person discreetly.

At Vehicle Tracking UK, we have VIP GPS tracking devices of the latest technology. These are used for the personal safety of VIPs, minors, and lone workers. These personal trackers not only track using GPS technology, these also give out notifications and are used to communicate with the user of the tracker to ensure safety.

Tracking Devices for Security

At Vehicle Tracking UK, we have many state of the art tracking devices to choose from. The types of devices we have are listed below-

Car Tracking Devices: High quality GPS tracking devices are available for vehicles such as cars and vans. Specifically designed for use in vehicles, these premium car trackers make sure that your vehicles never leave your close surveillance.

Asset Tracking Devices: Our sophisticated asset tracking devices have been designed to track your valuables and assets. Compact in size yet efficient in tracking, these asset trackers are specifically designed to covertly track your valuable goods and packages.

People/VIP Tracking Devices: For clients who are at high risk at all times, we have the perfect device to ensure their safety. This sleek, compact device is able to track people using GPS technology.

Tracking Devices Subscriptions: Our tracking devices require various subscriptions in different tracking software platforms. We provide these software solutions to our clients who choose to use our devices.

Security of Data: With the advancement of technology, many data fraud and data leak cases are proving to be a threat to information security. With our data security solutions, you can protect your data with hard to crack encryption and security.

VIP and Child Safety: The safety of VIP and minors cannot be sacrificed under any circumstance. Hence, we have some high tech devices for the safety and security of these important clients.

Tracking Devices: We have many tracking devices fit for every situation, including trackers for children, assets, vehicles, and more. These devices utilize the latest GPS, GPRS, and GSM technology.

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