Tracker Costs

Tracker Costs

Vehicle tracker costs vary depending upon various factors. Deciding which option is right for your operation takes a lot of research. We can make your job easier by explaining to you what we have to offer, and our pricing options.

Vehicle Tracking System Prices

Many factors come into play while working out the pricing of GPS vehicle tracking systems. The main factor that decides the cost is, however, the size of your vehicle fleet that you are operating.

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Single Vehicle Tracking Cost

Costs are quite simple to work out while tracking single vehicle operations. The tracker itself can cost around 300 GBP while subscription schemes cost starts from around 150 GBP per year. Taking the reduction in insurance costs into account in the whole process, the tracker price can be really small in even the smallest of companies.

Fleet Tracking System Cost

While calculating costs of tracking an entire fleet, the calculations get a little more complex. The number of vehicles, vehicle types, etc. have to be taken into account along with several other factors.

Additional information can be added to the process which increases the cost further. Usually, the larger the fleet size, the lower the price per vehicle. GPS fleet tracking cost also depends on the company involved. Whether you lease, outsource or buy the system; the cost will vary accordingly.

GPS Tracking Device Pricing

The cost of the device, as with all things related to vehicle tracking, depends on a few factors. When fleet size is large, multiple devices are needed and therefore, you will seek the best prices from GPS suppliers based on bulk deals and a company's requirement for complex or simple equipment.

Vehicle tracker prices begin from 300 GBP, but can also reach higher for more sophisticated equipment. It is worth seeing if there is a chance to save money in other areas while purchasing. However, there are many suppliers who offer services for free after payment of an initial fee.

Types of Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking system costs can be a burden for a company if the wrong option is chosen. It is vital to consider exactly what will be the best way to utilize tracking technologies and services before you sign a long term contract or spend money on the cheapest option at first glance. However, it can cost more in the long run if the terms are not properly understood. False economy is often a trap that many businesses might fall into while choosing the best tracking system plan.

Leasing: The best method for fleet cost management at first glance is leasing the system. Up-front costs are reduced, which is a bonus for companies that have little capital to invest in such tracking systems. The main problem with this option is the necessity of signing a long term contract. This also comes with huge fees while terminating the contract if your company changes its mind, or if company operations outgrow the leasing benefits. These long term contracts can cost just 150 GBP per year, however, more complex operations can expect to pay more than this amount per vehicle.

Outsourcing: Your company can also choose to outsource the whole process of tracking your vehicles. It will be beneficial to companies that are looking to utilize vehicle tracking technology. Although the option is not as cost effective, it can reduce the load of maintenance of the system.

Purchasing: For a more flexible tracking option, your company can purchase the system. This is the most beneficial method of managing the costs of the system. This system is ideal for companies whose operations might expand in the near future.

While the most basic devices, suitable for less complicated ventures, can cost from 250 GBP, the more sophisticated touch screen systems cost around 400 GBP.

The Next Steps

With so many device options, payment schemes and contracts available, things can get confusing while choosing the perfect tracking system for your business. Business significant problems can be caused if tracking systems are not managed properly, hence taking time and doing your research can be vital to running an efficient and successful tracking operation.

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